Apprentice Course

"The TrickMeister Apprentice Course is one of the best online courses I have taken. I've learned much more than tricks, I've learned about the science behind the training. It's not just a tricks course, but a tricks and behavior university. Looking forward to the Journeyman course! Thank you for all you do." Diann Andress


"Signing up for TrickMeister is one of the smartest things I have done this year.  I am an instructor at a local dog training facility and teach trick classes.  I totally believe in continuing education, and TrickMeister has kept me faithfully training with my own dog to complete the assigned tricks for the month. The instructor, Louise Stapleton-Frappell is always willing to help, or address questions.  Through her Supplemental Learning assignments, I have learned so much more about the science and mechanics of training.  They have totally inspired me to delve deeper into subjects I thought I knew. I feel TrickMeister has already made me a better trainer."  Sandra Lacroix


"I am learning so much from the TrickMeister course.  It is like another depth to the training we have already done and I love it, so thank you for opening my eyes to a new perspective. I definitely want to do the next course." Lynn Stacey.


"I am fairly new to dog training and am really enjoying this course.  I love being able to take the course online as I don’t live close to any known science based, rewards based, force-free trainers.  Having a month to review the material and perform the required activities is just enough time to be very doable with a busy schedule.

I have learned a lot from this class.  The ease of teaching my dogs the new tricks, after being shown step by step by Louise, has truly amazed me.  The webinars are very informative.  Louise is very nice and helpful, and the extra material given to read has been very informative and interesting.  Meeting other people and their dogs from around the world has been fascinating.  When I take my dog different places with me, I have him do some of these tricks to help him generalize and stay focused.  People enjoy seeing him perform; they think he is so smart!  He is a big hit at the nursing home and schools.

This class has definitely improved my training skills and deepened my relationship with all my dogs.   I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their training knowledge and skills, all while having more fun with their dog!" Patti H.


"The TrickMeister Apprentice course is the first course of this kind that I have embarked on, in that it includes the opportunity to have your own practical achievements assessed via video.  We can really see for ourselves how we work with our dog, and, most importantly, see our dog and their responses throughout our time together during training.  I have loved every minute of watching our relationship deepen and seeing my dog absorb herself, by choice, in the tricks she and I have learnt as a team so far as a TrickMeister apprentice.

I work with dogs on a regular basis each week and I have enjoyed delivering, in my opinion, a better and more concise training experience for carers and their dogs in reflection of this course. 

The webinar and information supplied can be watched and read time over where needed, there is a supportive Facebook group for course members bringing together like minded people who help each other and share their knowledge and experiences - brilliant!  From a pet dog carer’s perspective, I feel the course can only enrich any dog/human relationship and bring fun to every day, deepening the bond between them.  All my dogs are enjoying this!" Lizzie Morris


"Such a wonderful training program.  I found the presentations concise with great videos to supplement my learning and the reviews in written form are just perfect for me!  A great multi-sensory approach. I found going through the whole 5 sessions also increased my understanding more for the beginning sessions (earlier months).  Thank you for "splitting" vs "lumping" this material." Joyce Spinden M.Ed. CPDT-KA. Be Positive! Family Dog Training, Albuquerque, New Mexico.


"I thought I was already pretty good at tricks but the TrickMeister course really got me thinking more about the process of the mechanics in teaching the dog.  A brilliant course for either beginners or masters!  Easy to follow instructions and every behaviour is dissected in a manner that is fun. I would also add, it’s not just about the tricks but good practical advice about how we apply reward based training."  Claire Staines PCT-A


"I started the course with basic knowledge regarding clicker and positive reinforcement training (though solid through constant repetitions). On first sight it looked like TrickMeister was a course for teaching tricks - I couldn't have been more wrong. For instance, Peekaboo can be seen as a cute trick or as a tool for getting your dog between your legs in case he/she is apprehensive; Shake Hands and a Stationary Hand Touch can be slowly developed into husbandry services like cutting nails or vet exams.  Every trick/behavior was supported by a video, where it was clearly explained how to build the behavior and appropriately reinforce it.  What at first seemed like "recipes", developed, through our discussions in the FB group and recommendations by Louise's constant presence and participation, to different forms of the requested task, depending on the individual dog and the relationship with the handler/owner.

Tied into the webinars, we were introduced to relevant theory which blew my beginner's mind and expanded my knowledge to a new level. I am more conscious now about WHEN, WHERE, WHY and thinking about appropriate behaviors which fulfil the need/s of each dog (working in a shelter).

I enjoyed and still enjoy every step I took and continue to take with this program and I know that it isn’t just my tool box that has increased to help the dogs and contribute to their well-being, but also my knowledge and confidence.

Thank you Louise for this extraordinary course, your support and the extra miles you went to for me and for all of us. This is only the beginning for me with DogNostics and I'm looking forward to the next course I will participate in."  Andrea Dvorak


Journeyman Course

"I hope you saw my post thanking you for your help and encouragement. I also want to thank you for being the creator of such a WONDERFUL course. I had taken two other trick titling courses and in comparison, now I feel like I just bought the titles. There was no testing and no education as in your course. I feel your course is the GOLD standard by which I will measure all other training courses!! Thanks again for a wonderful job developing the course and all the hours you must invest in keeping the course running."  Terri Latronica. Dog Trainer at Boyette Animal Hospital. Florida

“I have really enjoyed the DogNostics TrickMeister Journeyman Course presented by Louise Stapleton-Frappell.  This class goes beyond just showing you how to train a certain trick, but divulges into the science behind the force free training.  The how and why it works so well; how it opens the door to communicate with the learner, thus, setting them up for success.

I have learned a great deal from Louise by her wonderful monthly webinars.  Each month was new tricks and a different aspect of the science behind the teaching of these tricks.  I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting a stronger and more meaningful relationship with their furry companion.  Louise is a wonderful, encouraging person and a very well informed instructor.  You can’t help but to absolutely love her demo dog, Jumbo.  I have enjoyed teaching my dog tricks that I never thought I was capable of doing.  Force free training has opened up a whole new world for me and my dogs.  They love learning and I love to teach.  I am looking forward to the next class and an even deeper understanding of force free training."  Patti Howerton, Illinois.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Journeyman course and have learnt so much.  The information here is second to none and needs careful understanding, so all the extra links and opportunity to watch the webinars time again is invaluable.  As an older student it has helped me greatly to watch, read, listen and actually apply what I have learnt in my training and also watch and share progress with the Facebook group.  This has been a lovely way to enrich the relationship I share with my dogs.  Thank you!."  Lizzie Morris, Devon.

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