Your College Faculty Team

The DogNostics Faculty bring a vast wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to your college experience.

    Over 20 Years of Business Management & Customer Service Experience - Over 20 Years of Human Resource Development, Coaching & Mentoring - Over 20 years of Sales & Marketing Experience, specifically in the pet industry
    Over 26 Years of Dog Training & Dog Behavior Counseling Experience - Over 15 Years of Marketing & Financial Management Experience - Over 10 years of Animal Hospital and Pet Care Experience - Over 10 years of Shelter Management & Non Profit Experience.

    The DogNostics Team Will Also Provide You With:


    • One-on-One Pet Industry Business Coaching
    • Business Management Support Calls
    • Marketing Expertise & Accountability Calls
    • Human Resource Management Support
    • Business Finance Training & Support

    One of The Many Great Testimonials We Have Received

    "Niki is honest, intelligent, reliable and hardworking. Surely that's enough to keep her at the top of the list of people with whom I've enjoyed working. There's more. She's also kind, generous and supportive. She has a flexible mind and the strength to stand her ground. I step up and do better when we work together and it's always worth the effort".

    Pete Hulse. Pet Butler Business Owner

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    DogNostics is the sister company to The DogSmith and provides the key education for DogSmith Licensed professionals. DogNostics offers programs across several disciplines. 

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