Level Three – Master

Master is the Level Three Course.  The Master course builds on the solid foundation of skills and knowledge you and your partner have acquired in the Apprentice and Journeyman courses.  In this advanced level course, you will learn how to teach your dog to carry out complex tasks.  You will refine your ability to communicate with your learner.  You will build on your knowledge of behavioral psychology – both operant and classical conditioning – by taking a look into the world of canine cognition.

Your confident learner will amaze you with their ability to learn.  The knowledge and skills you gain in Training Meister Master will be indispensable in all your future training.  As you practice the new methods and tricks that you learn, your student will acquire new skills, as well as demonstrating their innate ability to work alongside their human partner.

Training Meister Master is the final stage on the road to becoming a Master in the art and craft of rewards based, science based force-free training and tricks.

You do not need to have taken the Training Meister Apprentice Course or the Journeyman Course to enroll on the Master Course, however, it is advisable to check the learning objectives and assessment criteria from the first two levels, to ensure that you have the foundation knowledge and skill-set that will be required for this advanced course.

Course Content

  • Five live webinar e-learning sessions per level.  Each webinar includes a question and answer session.  The recorded webinar links will be sent to all applicants to watch at their own pace (after live broadcast)
  • PDF of all webinars sent to all applicants (after live broadcast)
  • Additional Learning:  Additional reading material and supplementary videos will be made available to all applicants via email.
  • Homework tasks:  These are not a course requirement unless you wish to earn your DogNostics Training Meister Apprentice, Journeyman or Master Course Attendance Certificates.  
  • Open book/multiple choice exams.  These are not a course requirement. The self-check open book tests are an integral part of the homework tasks and are made available for you to make the most of your learning by self-checking the knowledge you have gained at every stage.  The open book tests are, however, a requirement for those of who wish to gain the DogNostics Training Meister - Mastering Fun With Your Dog Course Attendance Certificate for the relevant level.  
  • Homework video submission assessment.  This is not a course requirement.  The video submission requested for each level is an integral part of the homework tasks and is made available for those who wish to gain the DogNostics Training Meister Course Attendance Certificate for the relevant level.  
  • Video Submission Assessment to earn the TrickMeister Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Trick Team Titles.  This is not a course requirement but we are sure that, after taking the course, you will want to earn your TrickMeister Titles!

Course Attendance Certificates

On successful completion of the homework assignments - open book tests and video submissions that correspond to each level, the applicant will receive a DogNostics Training Meister Course Attendance Certificate.  The homework tasks and open book test are not a course requirement but we highly recommend that you take advantage of them so that you can put your learning to the test and earn your certificate!

Level Certification Criteria

To gain the course attendance certificates you will need a pass grade of 85% or higher in the homework tasks.

Homework Tasks - Self-check Online Tests  

  1. The tests will consist of between 10 and 20 multiple-choice questions.  There will five “open book”, self-check tests per level.  All of the answers to the open book test questions will be included in the webinars or additional reading material.  You can take the open book tests at any time but they must be taken in order.  You will need to gain a pass grade of 85% or higher in each theoretical test.  Don’t worry if you do not pass the first time as you will be able to repeat the test as many times as you like, the test is for you to close the learning loop. The links to the online open book tests will be included in your course material.
  2.  Submission of 5 one to four minute videos per level.  These videos are a practical assessment of the skills you have gained from the course.  Adjustments will be made to the criteria for people or animals with disabilities, such as impaired sight or hearing.  All modifications will closely align with the original criteria but be adjusted to meet your needs. If you need to request a modification to your videos please email your instructor.                                                       
Student Support
  • Access to the Training Meister Course “Closed” Facebook group, where you can chat with your peers, discuss your progress, share your videos with each other and ask any questions you may have.
  • Direct communication with your course instructor via email or the online Facebook group.

Technology You Will Need                                                                    

You will need the following to enable you to register and get started with the program.

  • High speed internet access
  • A FREE PDF reader like Adobe
  • A video camera. 
  • A FREE Dropbox account or a FREE YouTube Account

How To Get Started  

  • Register for the online Apprentice Course or the recorded webinars
  • Download your Supplemental Program document here  - this outlined the webinar content and learning objectives and homework assignments

Additional Information

Training Meister Webinars will also be released as individually  recorded webinars. Live viewing, including the question & answer session, will only be available to course attendees. The program has also been allocated 15 continued educational units by the Pet Professional Accreditation Board. CPDT - 7.5, IAABC - 12.5.

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