The DogNostics Scholarship Program

Here at DogNostics we are passionate about helping pets and their families. The DogSmith our sister company has been committed to rescue pets since 2008. The DogSmith developed it's proprietary CRRP program to support this passion and to help adoptive parents access and afford high quality dog training and pet care.

It is our goal to help as many aspiring force free minded individuals as possible to enter our industry and be successful in their efforts to help pets find and keep their forever homes.

Niki Tudge is so committed to this cause that in 2012 she formed The Pet Professional Guild, The Association of Force Free Pet Professionals. Twice each year DogNostics is giving away a scholarship for The DogNostics Dog Behavior Consulting Diploma Program. If you are interested in applying then please complete this short form.

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DogNostics is the sister company to The DogSmith and provides the key education for DogSmith Licensed professionals. DogNostics offers programs across several disciplines. 

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