Individual Skills Covered  During the Program

Some of these skills you will provide as videos to prove your mechanical proficiency as part of your certification process. We have it all planned out so you learn each skill in the correct order at the correct time. A few of these  skills we will use to demonstrate you can teach another individual to perform proficiently with their pet dog, you will be advised which ones during the relevant module.

 Key Pet Dog Skills  Key Puppy Skills  Behavior Dimensions  People Training Skills
  1. Teaching a down
  2. Teaching a stand from sit & down
  3. Teaching maintain/stay
  4. Teaching a release cue
  5. Teaching take it and leave it
  6. Teaching loose leash walking
  7. Teaching a stand on leash
  8. Teaching name
  9. Teaching watch
  10. Teaching lets go
  11. Teaching a hand target
  12. Teaching find heel
  13. Teaching Left & right
  14. Teaching look
  15. Teaching relax
  16. Teaching a recall
  17. Four on the floor
  18. Teaching door manners
  19. Meeting & greeting other dogs
  20. Meeting & greeting people
  1. Soft mouth
  2. Collar behavior
  3. Introducing a leash
  4. House training
  5. Teaching a hand target around head and body
  1. Building distance and duration
  2. Distractions, moving, stationary, point of commitment
  3. Speed and fluency
  4. Context - Generalization
  5. Intensity, duration and frequency
Key Mechanical Skills 

  1. Shaping
  2. Differential reinforcement
  3. Conditioning a +CER
  4. Targeting
  5. Luring

  1. The recall
  2. Sit and maintain
  3. Let's go
  4. Spin
  5. Target
  6. Jump over an object
  7. Four on the Floor




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