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Drive more group class income, learn a new skill, increase client offerings, up-sell possibilities for clients looking for fun, offer interacting and fun mental stimulation to behavior clients. What are you waiting for?

Continuing Educational Units

PPAB, 5. CCPDT, 4.5. IAABC, 2. NADOI - Certificate of Attendance

Instructor Program Testimonial
So far this is the most popular class I've offered -
the first one that filled up weeks before it was scheduled to start!

Leah Roberts DN-FSG1

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30 Jan 2014 12:00 PM • Recorded Event
22 Nov 2016 12:00 PM • Recorded Event

The Certification Program includes:

1. A two-hour recorded educational webinar covering;

  • Canine Olfaction history and scientific facts
  • The training environment, philosophy and methodology
  • Effects of air current
  • Scent contamination
  • Detection thresholds
  • ORN’s
  • Olfaction streamlines
  • Scent discrimination
  • Canine scent capability
  • Target odors and individual scents
  • Scent amounts & fringing
  • Appropriate training equipment & handling
  • How to play, building criteria and areas of reinforcement
  • Reading dogs during the "find"
  • Recommended course curriculum

2. Successful completion of an open-book on-line test

3. The submission of 6 short 30 second videos to demonstrate your mechanical competency in the key scent dog training skills. 

Upon successful completion you will receive

  1. A DogNostics Instructor Certificate DN-FSG 
  2. A Certification Badge to display on your website
  3. A listing on the DogNostics Fun Scent Game Instructor Registry
  4. A PDF copy of the Course Curriculum
  5. A student Certificate for you to co-brand to provide to your “Fun Scent Games” students
  6. Advertising copy describing the program for your website
  7. Artwork for a promotional 8.5 x 11  flyer
  8. Access to the DogNostics Certified Instructor Member website mentoring area.
  9. Mentoring Support through the DogNostics Faculty Members

The Total Program cost is only  $100.00.  You will see a full return on your investment after one group class!

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