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DogNostics Educational Partners

 Pet Industry eLearning Programs

The leader in providing online academic pet industry career programs supported by MBA inspired business education and regular 5 and 3 day dog training and pet care workshops in Tampa, FL.

Who Will benefit From Our Programs?

Pet Dog Trainers, Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers, Veterinarian Assistants, Veterinary Technicians, Kennel Staff, Humane Society Staff, Shelter Workers, Dog Day Care Providers, Rescue Personnel, Dog Foster Families & Serious Dog Owners.

How We Are Different?

Not only are our programs robust in terms of the science and art of pet industry service delivery they are also supported by business, marketing and sales modules. Unlike any other online school available, DogNostics is fully committed to supporting your education and your business success. Download our module descriptions.

Monthly Payments - Study At Your Own Pace - From Your Own Home

Pet Industry Expert Blog

Are You Guilty of Stimulus Overload When Teaching Your Clients?

An excerpt from People Training Skills for Pet Professionals – Your essential guide to engaging, educating and empowering your human clients by Niki Tudge The Human Component Let us now talk about the human component of training. To be great trainers … Continue reading 

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DogNostics is the sister company to The DogSmith and provides the key education for DogSmith Licensed professionals. DogNostics offers programs across several disciplines. 

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